Monday Mojo – Dive In

Monday Mojo™ – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Dive In

What would be your greatest adventure?

Perhaps you’ve thought about:

Taking the plunge.

Throwing caution to the wind.

Letting the cards fall where they may.

Maybe you’ve had an inspiring idea or need to have a tricky conversation with someone – but something’s holding you back.

Sometimes it’s good to be cautious. Important decisions need to be weighed up. We need to take our time over the things that really matter.

But sometimes, for other things, we just have to go for it.

This week set the intention to Dive In. Take something you’ve been putting off for a while and think about what’s stopping you. Is it something practical (like money) and if so, what needs to happen to get the resources you need? Are there steps you can take or people you can speak with, to put a positive plan in action, even if you won’t see the results straight away. Take some steps towards where you want to be, and work towards taking the fear out of the infinite possibilities and adventures ahead of you.

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