Monday Mojo – Pick Your Colour

What colour matches your mood today?

Colours mean different things to people across cultures and traditions: some people associate red with love, others see it as a signal for danger or passion. Blue might be an indicator of calm or for sadness. The latter is one reason today has been labelled “Blue” Monday, when some scientists say we may start to feel the effects of winter and the post-festive slump. (You can read more about this here). 

When you need a short burst of enthusiasm or energy, it’s important to find things that work for you, to give your mojo a lift, and then do more of it.

Coffee is often a go to pick-me-up or the occasional nice piece of chocolate (especially as a lovely self-care treat). But there are even more options we can consider to give us a lift in some really subtle and simple ways.

Colour is one clever way of doing this, especially in what you wear; you can even use mindfulness as a guide. As Jules Standish says in her book Mindful Dressing “colour has the power to make you feel better…because it lifts your spirits”.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear bright colours from head to toe unless you want to, or that you need to head for the shops to add more colour to your wardrobe. It’s more how you can use colour as a way to portray what you want to say, or change how you feel. And there’s real science behind this.

This week, set the intention to Pick Your Colour. For the next few days, think about what colours match the mood you feel or want to communicate. If red gives you confidence, or purple helps you feel serene, then wear a scarf or top that colour if you feel it would help with a conversation or meeting coming up. Some research (highlighted in this video) suggests that wearing green can help you get things done, boost your creativity and even work out better down the gym. If none of this feels practical right now, maybe treat yourself to a bunch of flowers or try a colour meditation instead, and see if that helps.

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