Monday Mojo – Create Your Kit

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the smallest objects can lift your mood? Things like:
• a splash of perfume
• your favourite lippy
• a quote that inspires

In my car, I have a little bag of lavender. It’s been there for years, but if I give it a gentle squeeze it still gives off a wonderful fresh scent. Lavender is nature’s remedy for many things (if you’re not allergic to it), and it has naturally calming effects. So if I’m stuck in a traffic jam for example, one little squeeze of my lavender bag, and everything just feels a bit better.

This is an example of how self-care doesn’t have to be the big things like spa days or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but in the smaller every day things that bring us comfort and joy. One way could be to keep close by healthy props, quotes or items that bring you relief, even if only temporary. I call this an emotional first aid or self-care kit. (You might also like the 20 Self-Care ideas in this video).

So here’s something you could try.

This week, set the intention to Create Your Kit. Treat yourself to new make up bag or pencil case (or something like that) and place inside it a few items of your choice that you know help give you a little bit of mojo or bring some sparkle back. It might contain a photo of a holiday destination, a crystal, a quote, a letter from a friend or a bar of chocolate (obvs). Design this kit, remembering you can always change the contents when it suits you, and then keep it somewhere safe so it’s there if the need arises. (Here’s a link to a list of more suggestions via Thought Catalogue).

Please note: any external links to which this site refers may only be of entertainment value. Always speak to your doctor before making lifestyle choices.

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