Monday Mojo – Create Your Space

Where is your sanctuary?

The place you go when you need some time out, when you need some peace and quiet away from the chaos of the world.  Because we all need one. 

When life is busy, it’s easy for our private spaces to become cluttered.
Magazines get piled up in the corner, with every intention they’ll get read.  
Paperwork grows on one corner of your work space.
And that pile of clean washing lives on ‘the chair’.

Whether you share your living space, or live on your own, there’s something about having your own space when you need to unwind. 
• To disconnect from life for a while
• To recharge your batteries
• To relax, and find your way back to centre. 

In a busy world that won’t slow down, it’s not always easy to find a quiet space, when there’s always things to do, people to see and places to go. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Dedicating a place for you to unwind can boost your Mojo. 

This week, set the intention to Create Your Space. See if there is a place in your home or garden where you can retreat when you need some sanctuary. If not, see if you can create that space in such a way that the minute you step into it,  it feels like a place of calm. Decorate it with things that bring peace to your world – your favourite colours, something sparkly or even a letter or postcard from someone you love. Tell people you live with it’s a ‘no whinge zone’, so only good vibes are welcome there.  If it’s a shared space, negotiate the times you use it to be fair to everyone, but at the same time make sure they respect the space you’ve created. And most of all, create time in your diary to use it, and give yourself permission to relax – because you deserve it.

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