Monday Mojo – Feel the Connection

Today is Blue Monday, or as the Samaritans are calling it “Brew Monday”. An opportunity to chat with a friend over a good old cuppa. So, how many people does it take to make a cup of tea?

I promise this isn’t one of those “how many people does it take to change a lightbulb” jokes. If you’ve ever attended one of my mindfulness classes, you’ll know this is a question I ask the group. Together, we sit and work out how many people are involved in bringing you your morning drink.

So, let’s explore it for a moment:
There’s the people who tended the soil.
The people who picked the plants.
Those who packed and shipped them.
The ones that delivered them the other end.
Then there’s those who stacked them on the shelves, and served you at the checkout.
That’s a lot of people. A lot of people who made your morning cuppa possible.

The reason I do this, is because when we’re feeling flat, or we’ve lost our mojo, it’s easy to feel like we’re on our own. The world can get smaller, and that takes its toll. (When we’re so busy it also means we miss opportunities to bring ourselves back to centre – little things like resting whilst having a cup of tea).

As human beings, we need to belong. (I have a whole chapter in my new book hopefully out later this year, on this topic). It can affect our health at the deepest level. And that’s why, we need to explore what feeling part of something means for us.

This week, set the intention to Feel The Connection. Where have you felt connected in the past; where were you, and what were you doing? What would it take to feel connected again? Then spend some time thinking about how many people make your day possible, even though you can’t see them. The person who collects trolleys. People who work at 24 hour garages. Whoever invented toilet roll, windscreen wipers, coat hangers.  See how connected you feel with the world around you, and remember you make their world possible too. Maybe mull it over whilst you sit down, rest a while and have a nice cup of tea.

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