Dream Interpretation

Dreams have been described as “the window in to our soul”, but is there any value in exploring them? The short answer is most definitely “yes”.

Research shows that talking about a dream for approximately an hour “can result in “aha” moments for people”.  We also know that during the pandemic, according to the Lyon Neuroscience Centre, dream recall increased by up to 35%.

I have been fascinated by dreams all my life, and have worked professionally as a TV “Dream Expert” in the media.  As a counsellor, many of my clients have found it helpful to explore what their dreams and nightmares mean.  I offer a template on how to interpret your own dreams in my book Answers In The Dark.

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Book Release

Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal looks at not only why we might be awake at night and what can help, but explores how our dreams can provide insights in to what’s really on our mind.

It provides suggestions for interpreting your own dreams, as well as top tips for more refreshing sleep – even if you work shifts. Answers In The Dark is out now on Amazon and Hive.

Explore Your Dreams

blipis my single-session service and people can use this to explore a dream they’re having. Click here to find out more.

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