Monday Mojo: Create Stillness

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Create Stillness 

If you follow my other page on Facebook which focuses on women’s mental health, you’ll know that every Friday I offer “Reflections” on the week and a mantra for meditation practice. Last Friday’s Reflection was “Stillness” and the importance of slowing down.

Not easy, if every minute of your day is accounted for – who has time to meditate right? I hear you. 

The world is such a busy place that we feel selfish or lazy if we stop even for a moment. 

But we have to create enough space so that we can just stop and be still, because if we don’t, we will feel the impact physically and mentally. 

This week set the intention to Create Stillness. Set aside a few moments each day where you pause. Listen to your breath. Place your hand on your chest and feel it rise and fall as the energy of breathing flows in and flows out of your body. Notice what it’s like to be still in this moment. No expecations. Let go of the “shoulds” and the distractions. Be still. 

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