Monday Mojo – Breathe and Flow

What do we do when things get difficult?

Monday Mojo – Expand the Comfort

How do you feel about change? I mean, if the last fifteen months has been a journey in anything, it’s been how to adapt and overcome. But that doesn’t always mean we can change at the drop of a hat – or that we should.  During the height of COViD-19, we were living moment toContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Expand the Comfort”

Monday Mojo – Ride the Waves

Have you noticed how, sometimes, change comes out of nowhere? You’ll be doing your own thing, minding your own business and, wallop! Someone or something blindsides you, and suddenly everything is different. Sometimes forever. We don’t usually plan for this type of change; it’s so unexpected that we couldn’t possibly have seen it coming. ButContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Ride the Waves”