Monday Mojo – Expand the Comfort

How do you feel about change?

I mean, if the last fifteen months has been a journey in anything, it’s been how to adapt and overcome. But that doesn’t always mean we can change at the drop of a hat – or that we should. 

During the height of COViD-19, we were living moment to moment. Just as we got used to one set of rules, they changed again.

As we await news of whether the restrictions will ease further in June in the U.K., it makes sense if you’re bracing yourself. Whether you’ve been desperate to get back to socialising in larger groups, want to expand your social circle or will actually be secretly pleased if things stay as they are, you may well be wondering what we’ll have to adapt to next.

Often we will sit inside our comfort zones because it feels safe, and that’s ok. But sometimes we need to stretch our limits or try new things so that we can realise our true potential and see what we can really cope with.

Here’s what might help:

This week set the intention to Expand the Comfort. Have a think about how far you want or feel you need to move out of your comfort zone – sometimes we can move too far too fast, and that in itself can be stressful. Finding ways to try new things but at a pace that feels safe and healthy also works. Sometimes we may think we need to make changes when actually it’s ok to stay where we are (at least, for now). Maybe start with asking “do I need to make this decision today?”

One of the reasons we can also find change difficult is because we become rigid in our thinking; in my mindfulness classes I talk about a “fixed mindset.” If we think things have to be a certain way in order to be ok, we can suffer, even if in the short term we do it just so we can feel safe. This article explains the benefits of taking small steps and exploring alternative perspectives. Yes it can be uncomfortable at first, but before long your mojo could be flowing.

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