Monday Mojo – Visualise Your Future

If you wrote a letter to your future self, what would it say?

You might write:
”I hope you got that job you’ve always wanted”
“May the years have been kind”
Or even “You see? It does get better”. 

When we frantically run the treadmill of life, one day we wake up and wonder how on Earth we arrived at an unknown location. Knowing where you’re going matters, especially if it’s not staying where you are.

That doesn’t mean mapping out every minute of your life until retirement and beyond. But having a vision of the life we want to live can help.

This week, maybe set the intention to Visualise Your Future. This article contains some ideas of talking to your future self, which includes looking at what you do today that might affect the years ahead. You can ask whether the habits you have today will get you where you want to be, or if you live each day aligned with the values you hold most dear. At the end of each day you could keep a journal listing what your values are and how you achieved them each day. For example if friendship matters, you could write how you checked in on one of your mates. If reliability is important, you could write how you turned up for work on time. Progress is often in the “little” things.

You could create a vision board that looks like all the things you want in your life whether it’s images of a gorgeous house, good company or writing that book you’ve been thinking about.

You could also look at how you speak to yourself each day. Are you being kind and reassuring or beating yourself up? The Power of Words can make a real difference to how we think and how we feel. Make it a priority to be kind to yourself every day.

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