Monday Mojo – Check Your Weather

If you had to take the temperature of your life right now, what would it be?

Whether it feels nice and pleasant, or cloudy with a chance of meatballs, sometimes it’s good to stop and take a measure of your environment.  

When we are struggling with something difficult it might be because our confidence has taken a knock; when someone whose opinion you value has criticised or judged you in some way.  

Martin Perry explains how people can affect our climate – including our self-esteeem – through “Confidence Ecology”.  He identifies the friends or colleagues you may know with “cold” qualities (those who are cynical, arrogant, judgemental or critical) and those who are “warm” (encouraging, trusting, understanding and compassionate). 

It makes sense to keep an eye on how those around you affect you, especially if their comments are preventing you from reaching your goals

This week, set the intention to Check Your Weather. Test the temperature of your environment by finding out who is contributing towards your well-being and who is taking away from it. Are there people around you who appreciate what you have to offer, or are there those who need to hear a firm – but assertive – “no”? Write a list of qualities you look for in friends and colleagues and see how the people in your circle measure up. Pay attention also to how you’ve been talking to yourself lately and the power the words we use can have. And, whether a climate change is needed or not, adopt some seasonal self-care anyway.

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