Monday Mojo – Trust Yourself

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Trust Yourself

Do you feel you generally make good decisions. That you get it right nine times out of 10. That you have complete faith in yourself.

If you do, that’s great.

But if you laughed and answered no, it’s okay. When life takes its toll, or we’ve been knocked off balance just one too many times, it makes sense that we second guess everything we do. So much so, that we may even end up not making any decisions at all.

We think.

We trip ourselves up.

And then we think some more. And it’s that over-thinking that gets in the way of good decision – making.

This week, set the intention to Trust Yourself. Follow your gut, see where your nose takes you and generally get in tune with what you know. Start small by noticing how you feel when a colleague speaks, or you see someone giving an interview on the telly – what are your spidey-senses telling you? If your heckles go up, or you feel a warm fuzzy glow note how you feel so that you start to trust your instincts, and therefore your decisions, more. See what you can glean from the way your mind and body reacts when people speak to you, and see just how often your instincts are right on the nail.

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