Monday Mojo – Do Your Thing

Monday Mojo™ – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Do Your Thing

What do you love doing?

I’m talking about that thing that pops in to your head, when you think about something that gives you a sparkle in your eyes. It might not come to you straight away, and that’s natural. We don’t like thinking of ourselves. (At all).

We tend to focus on what other people like and need so much, that we give very little thought to what floats our own boat. It means if someone asks you what you like doing, it takes you a moment (or more) to figure it out.

In this day and age, we are discouraged from doing anything for us. Society calls us selfish or self-indulgent if we put our own needs above those we care about. But we know that spending time on self-care is hugely important for our physical and mental health.

This week, set the intention to Do Your Thing. Whatever that is, whether it’s a walk by the river or dancing round your kitchen, boost your mojo by being unapologetically yourself through the things you love. If someone asks you along to something you don’t want to do, politely say that you have other plans. Say no and mean it. Wear your hair however you want. Create space in your diary to do things you enjoy, that nourish and excite you. Get comfortable with the idea that even if just for this week, you can do your things, your way. And if the guilt starts to kick in, remember that to be there for others, you have to look after yourself.

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