Monday Mojo – Know Your Code

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Know Your Code

Monday Mojo – Know Your Code

Throughout the ages, we’ve used symbols as a way to help us interpret messages and write codes. But there’s also the code that women understand – the one where we just “know”.

Female intuition is one of those phenomenon that no one can really explain but even hardcore sceptics can’t deny. The problem is though, that the busier we are, the less intuitive we become: the line between what we know and what we think we know gets a bit, well… blurry.

We ask for signs.

But then we can’t see them.

It’s why making space for “knowing” is so important.

This week set the intention to Know Your Code. Create some space this week to sit and “be”. Allow yourself time to create enough head space that you’re able to see what’s really going on. Start to keep a note of what you believe are recurring signs, like a recurring dream you have or that robin that keeps coming to visit. What do these mean and what are they trying to tell you? See if you can spot any patterns that can hold a clue to their meaning.

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