Monday Mojo – Find Your Language

Well it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? You’ve probably noticed, we’re learning new language every day.   We’ve heard terms like ‘self-isolation’, ‘social distancing’, ‘herd immunity’ and ‘sunset clauses’. We’re being told we’re “on a trajectory”, which Russell Brand said (for him) went from “I don’t believe this is happening”, to “how can IContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Find Your Language”

Monday Mojo – Feel the Feels

Recently in my classes, I’ve been talking a lot about “common humanity” – this is a term used to explain that around the world there are two things that unite us all: • We all want to be happy• We all want to be free from painI believe in this, because I haven’t met aContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Feel the Feels”

Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own

How are you holding up? It’s fair to say, there’s a level of unease in the world right now. If you’re fed up of hearing about the new global conversation in COVID-19, I promise this post isn’t actually about the virus, but it does help me to make an important point. Not everyone is concernedContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own”

Monday Mojo – Give Yourself Time

Has it felt like you’re playing catch-up lately? When you work, have family to care for, bills to pay and friendships to maintain, it can feel like every minute of the day is accounted for. A colleague of mine once said he was so busy, he thought he might pass himself in the corridor onContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Give Yourself Time”

Monday Mojo – Show Yourself Kindness

Do you have a morning routine or ritual? For many people these days, their impulse when the alarm goes off is to check their phone. They look to see what’s happening in the world or see if anyone’s messaged, making sure everyone and everything around them is ok. (Then they usually go to the loo).Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Show Yourself Kindness”