Monday Mojo – Fill Your Cup

What have you missed this last year?

Lots of people have been able to put their finger on what they don’t miss. 
A morning commute 
Traffic jams
Someone stealing your yoghurt from the fridge at work.

I was talking to a group recently when someone mentioned they miss the simple pleasures. Just over a year ago, no one would have thought that we’d miss a cup of tea with a friend. A hug from a neighbour. The sound of a loved one’s voice.  And now, as lockdown eases, it feels like it’s time to welcome those things once again, albeit cautiously and within the rules.

It’s just as important of course to continue to put our own well-being front and centre. You may not have stopped since this all began, or have found new ways to occupy your mind. But you can’t pour from an empty cup and self-care remains as important as ever.

Here’s some thoughts which might help:

This week, set the intention to Fill Your Cup. If life is getting busier – or just hasn’t stopped – it’s important to stop the clock now and then so that you make room to rest and reset. We also know that Cultivating a Resilient Mindset includes knowing early warning signs, and making space for the things we love. Write yourself a to-dah list this week, of some special treats you can indulge in or simple things that bring you joy. It might be booking a hair cut, painting your nails or just going for a walk and talk with a friend. In any event, set time aside every day for at least five minutes you can call your own. You’ll be so glad you did.

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