Monday Mojo – Balance Your Busy

How busy are you these days? On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being enough time to kick back with a boxset and a brew, and 10 being “seriously, I’m that busy I’m forgetting to breathe” have a think about where you are on a busy-ness level. Last week, I talked about reinventing your time, exploring yourContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Balance Your Busy”

Why we need more quiet spaces in public (and what to do if you can’t find one)

This article was written before the coronavirus outbreak. An article specific to COVID and anxiety is here. Is it just me, or has the world got more noisy lately? I don’t mean the normal background noise that’s present in modern every day life, like the hum of your central heating, the clicking of keyboards, or theContinue reading “Why we need more quiet spaces in public (and what to do if you can’t find one)”

Monday Mojo – Reinvent Your Time

How is your relationship with time? You might have noticed it’s hard to escape it in our Industrial Age. There’s the clock on your ‘phone. Your FitBit if you have one. Your computer. The car dashboard. You might have an online calendar.Maybe a meal or fitness schedule. Everything, it seems, is controlled by time.  That’sContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Reinvent Your Time”

New Year Mojo – Take Up Space

How are you feeling? It’s been a tense week for some, and in the next couple of days we will say goodbye not just to another year –   but an entire decade; and wow, what a decade it’s been right? In some ways, 2019 has been a year of national positives that we can all beContinue reading “New Year Mojo – Take Up Space”

Christmas Mojo-Ho-Ho – Ease the Pressure

How are you doing? It’s all a bit frantic out there isn’t it? People doing last-minute shopping. Not being able to look at one more mince pie.Asking yourself if it’s too early to take the decorations down yet. Even if you’re not gripped by the festive season, you might still be feeling The Pressure. And byContinue reading “Christmas Mojo-Ho-Ho – Ease the Pressure”