Monday Mojo – Focus on You

Where are you on the overwhelm scale right now? If 1 is “what day is it?” (where I think most of us can relate) then 10 would be “seriously, this can’t go on much longer”. If you’re feeling the fears and frustrations that come with managing uncertainty, you’re not alone.

Today is Blue Monday, the third Monday of the New Year, with pre-pay day, post Christmas awareness, that can leave people feeling flat, or sad. Although not everyone buys into it, pre-Covid Blue Monday might have been because New Year’s Resolutions had already been broken, aspirations were slowly fading, or our get up and go had just got up and gone.

Now, living in a global pandemic, we’re probably feeling the impact of continued restrictions and a sense of grieving for the ‘old normal’.  Lots of people have said this lockdown feels different and ‘blue’ might be a good word that describes where you’re at. You might simply have a thought loop, that’s asking “when will this all end?”. And it’s all perfectly understandable. 

So in this article, there is an ‘Ultimate Guide to Coping With Overwhelm’ that might help. But I want to go a step even further.

We might feel nervous talking about what we want or need, or even focusing on happier things right now – but thinking about happiness isn’t inappropriate, it’s essential. Looking to the future and finding ways to embrace joy with all that’s happening, is more important than ever. As the famous therapist and author Irvin Yalom says, there is one question we can never ask ourselves (or others) too often and that is: “What do you want?”

Here are some things that might help.

This week, set the intention to Focus on You. Even if only for five minutes today, take a moment to be in your own company and give yourself a permission slip to think about what you need right now. What would make you happy, or give you burst of joy? Look at ways to find happiness in uncertain times, including reconnecting with others and putting self-care first. Pause for a while and breathe into the ‘you’ space you’ve created, knowing that to be there for others you have to start with yourself. And if it feels selfish to give yourself this moment, find a mantra that reminds you that you deserve it every day.

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