Monday Mojo – Take One Step

Do you ever feel like you’re walking through treacle; three steps forward then two steps back? With news of snow, floods and another new variant, it makes sense if you feel like you’re on the teacups at the fair. (I never did like them).

78% of people have said, as a result of the pandemic, they’re consuming more news than they’ve ever done, whilst at the same time a fair percentage say they’re avoiding it because it’s making them feel overwhelmed. (I will add that the Trump / Biden drama had many of us glued to or avoiding the news as well).

When the world feels like it’s swirling around us, our thoughts can go the same way. I mentioned last week that people are saying this lockdown feels “different”, and although there is still pressure to perform and oblige, there is a real difficulty finding the mojo to do it.

This article, pre-COVID, explains eight reasons why we used to have no energy. Research since lockdown goes further to explain that lockdown has got us doing more ‘burdensome’ tasks (like homeschooling and Teams meetings) that mean our ‘zip’ is zapped. Grief can also take its toll.

When we feel like we have no energy, the last thing we want to do is run a marathon in our mind. So what can we do?

This week, set the intention to Take One Step. Instead of feeling like you have to get everything done immediately, you could prioritise what’s urgent, pick one thing and get that off your list. You might decide, rather than focusing on other people, you prioritise your sleep, eating well or having exposure to morning light with your daily exercise (this has been shown to help). You might cut down on your news consumption or online activity, if that’s not helping either.  See if you can vary your online meeting schedule; does it have to be over Zoom or would a phone call work instead? Keep an eye on just how much time your strapped to your desk (or your phone) if that applies. 

To celebrate each success, you could write down what you have achieved each day, rather than what’s left to do. If perfectionism is getting in the way, allow yourself a mantra like “Just for today, good enough is enough”.

If it’s your emotions playing havoc, watch your “shoulds” and your “shouldn’t’s”. If you think you “must” be giving an award winning performance at work or at home every day, ask how you’re comparing yourself to others. Believe me, no one has this all figured out yet.

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