Monday Mojo – Breathe Through It

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Breathe through it

Are you feeling the love?

February is usually seen as the month of romance, where suddenly everything in the shops is red, pink or heart-shaped. If you’re feeling nurtured, nourished and appreciated then you might join in the joyful hype of celebrating Cupid and his pointy little arrow (not a euphemism).

But if you’re not feeling the love right now, then cue the eye rolls. People saying the most ridiculous things like “love is an inside job”, and flinging clichés from their love-soaked towers. (Ew).

Yes February can seem a bit of a bore. Not because we don’t want to feel loved, or happy for those who do, but because a red rose and a fluffy bear (as lovely as they are) don’t really scratch the surface of what love actually is. Or how deep our feelings go. I mean love is much more complicated than that, right?

This week set the intention to Breathe Through It. If someone has said something utterly ridiculous, popped out an old cliché or really doesn’t understand all the glorious gifts you bring to the party of life, remind yourself it will pass and no one deserves your time and attention like you do. Spend time doing things you love, and enjoy every moment. Reduce the pressure on yourself to be something, and sit comfortably with the feeling that, right now – and just for now – it is what it is.

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