Monday Mojo – Nourish Yourself

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Nourish Yourself

Do you punish yourself or nourish yourself?

When we set goals, it creates pressure to get them done, especially if we’ve told people before we’ve even started. Which is why, if we don’t then see them through, we feel like we’ve failed. And if we feel like we’ve failed, we beat ourselves up. Sound familiar?

January is a weird month like that. We start the new year with all good intentions and by week three or four, we feel like we’re failing miserably, especially if we haven’t even come close to doing the things we set out to do.

This week, set the intention to Nourish Yourself. Notice how you talk to yourself and if you find you’re being unkind, calling yourself names or punishing yourself for all the times you feel you’ve failed, remember you’re human. Ask yourself if you would talk to a good friend the same way. Think about how you’d support someone positively, who told you they’d made a mistake, and treat yourself the same way. And treat your mind and body to all the good stuff. Eat your favourite meal, play that song you love, and spend your evenings doing things that bring you joy.

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