Monday Mojo – Write Your Story

Monday Mojo- feel good motivation for the week ahead: Write Your Story

Have you ever felt like you’re following someone else’s script?

If you’ve ever found yourself dancing to someone else’s tune, or like a character in a soap opera, you’ll know what’s it like to get caught up in another person’s agenda.

When someone else calls the shots.

To feel as if life is happening to you, rather than for you.

To realise your own story remains unwritten.

That said, your journey so far is what’s shaping the road ahead. The adventures you’ve been on, the challenges you’ve faced, can all help you decide how the rest of your story unfolds.

This week, set the intention to Write Your Story. Start small with a view about where the next week, the next month, then the next year will take you. See if this aligns with how you imagined the future looking and then think about making a plan. If you’ve found you’re following someone else’s script, consider the benefits of ditching their story, to allow yours to take shape. And if you literally want to write it, in the form of memoirs or a biography, put pen to paper and see how the words flow.

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