Monday Mojo – Ventilate Your World

Have you noticed how frantic the world seems right now? With all the noise, it’s hard to hear what’s really going on.  Everywhere feels so crowded, it’s sometimes hard to breathe. It feels like everyone is running, but no one is getting anywhere.  When the world feels too small. it’s difficult to know which way is up.Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Ventilate Your World”

Monday Mojo – Build a Quiet Zone

How do you feel about sitting quietly for five minutes?  When I ask people this question, they will either say they don’t have time, or if they do they find it really hard.  Because, when you take time to be quiet, you notice how noisy it really is.  If it’s not the distractions outside ofContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Build a Quiet Zone”