Monday Mojo – Reinvent Your Time

How is your relationship with time?

You might have noticed it’s hard to escape it in our Industrial Age. There’s the clock on your ‘phone. Your FitBit if you have one. Your computer. The car dashboard.
You might have an online calendar.
Maybe a meal or fitness schedule.

Everything, it seems, is controlled by time. 

That’s why we try to:
• stall time 
• buy time
• maybe even now and then take our time
but nevertheless we can’t freeze, pause or delay it. 

We all have exactly the same amount of time in a day, but it never feels enough. And that can feel like a problem in a world that’s going so fast. 

In a book called The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom makes many of these points including that it’s only us humans who worry about time. (If you own a pet for example, you’ll appreciate how they just seem to live in the moment). “Birds are never late”, he says. “A dog doesn’t check its watch.”

So when our lives are so controlled by time, we end up worrying if it feels like it’s running out.

Here’s something you could try:

This week, set the intention to Reinvent Your Time. Take a look at your relationship with time and which elements cause frustration or anxiety. If you know what’s behind the worry, and particularly if it’s how you manage it, investigate resources that might help. Learn to discern wisely how to invest your time (mindfulness can be great for helping with this). If it’s someone else monopolising your time, nip it in the bud, set some boundaries and find ways to say no (or at least delay your yes) that work for you. Audit your calendar and make sure it aligns with the vision of what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re someone who procrastinates, it might be your attention that needs focus, not your time. (You might might like this Ted Talk). If there never seems enough time, maybe that’s a sign to slow down, or that something needs to give. And if putting your feet up feels like a “waste of time”, recognise the benefits of “time out”.

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