Monday Mojo – Find Your Word

What word sums up how you’re feeling today?

It might be:
Or all / none of the above.

The thing about feelings is they can change in an instant.  For example, you arrive at work full of the joys of spring, only to find a snotty email from someone that sets the tone for the day.

The way we talk to ourselves can also affect how we feel. If you regularly beat yourself up or call yourself names, this can often make you feel worse not better.  It can take you away – not towards – the place you might want to be.  And that is the power of words.

Around this time of year some people start banging the New Year New You drum (I used to be one of them but I’m over that now). Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with setting healthy intention (you kindly let me into your inbox each week to do just that).

But the annual insistence that we do more, aim higher and strive to be better is loaded with pressure – it feels big and it feels heavy – especially when you’ve got enough on your plate. 

And this is why I encourage people to approach things differently. 

The shape of goal setting is changing.  Many people are starting to realise that SMART objectives and big new year’s resolutions just don’t work, and that significant change actually starts with really small steps and asking the right questions / using the right words. 

One way of doing this is Kaizen (there’s more on this in your Mojo Moment below). I have also developed my own compassionate goal-setting model called DREAMS, particularly aimed at people who suffer with anxiety. 

Here’s one thing you could try to get started. 

This week, set the intention to Find Your Word. It might be a word for the next 12 months, a word for the week (see underneath the video below) or a word to help you through each moment. It could be one that you aspire to be – peaceful, calm, serene – or one that sets your sights on fulfilment – work, family, home. Maybe it’s something you cherish – friendship, laughter, health. Or an object that helps you rise – trees, sunshine, ocean. Anything that lifts you, and lightens your spirit a little. You can repeat this like a mantra in your mind when you need to find your centre, or write it on post it notes around your living space, or share it with a friend. And then, with this as your focus, pay attention as opportunities present themselves and make your plan, one word – and step – at a time. 

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