Monday Mojo – Return to Simplicity

How complicated does your life feel today?

If you can sit back where you are in a joyful glow that life is a piece of cake right now, then genuinely that’s wonderful. Please celebrate the win with at least one cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit. (Gretchen Rubin explains why it’s scientifically important to treat yourself here).

But if you’ve found lately:
• Nothing is straight forward
• You have to explain yourself a dozen times
• You take three steps forward and two steps back
I hear you.

Last week, I was trying to get a new computer system to work. I entered my password, and the computer told me I needed to create a new one, which I did. When I entered the new password, it then told me I needed a user code before I could access my email. I didn’t have the user code, so I decided it was best to ring the system helpline. When I spoke to the system guru on the other end of the ‘phone asking where I could find my user code, do you know what they told me?

They’d emailed it to me. 

Life can be unnecessarily complicated sometimes but that doesn’t mean we have to struggle with it. 

This week, set the intention to Return to Simplicity. Have a think about where life has become tangled, and whether there is anything you can do about it. Even if the problem won’t go away just yet, see if there are people, resources, services or useful links you can investigate that might help you find a bit of peace. Instead of using technology, write a letter or a post card to a friend. Try some mindfulness. Declutter that draw at home, tidy up some papers or clear out some magazines if you want. But most of all, make yourself a promise each day, that you’ll do one thing for yourself that’s uncomplicated.

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