Monday Mojo – Drop the Rock

Have you been beating yourself up lately?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism:
• Questioning your decision-making
• Saying yes when you mean no
• Setting your sights on getting it right, all the time

And when we feel we’ve fallen short, lost our way, or slipped up somewhere along the line, we throw rocks at ourselves for not doing better.

The thing is, it’s impossible for everyone to be awesome all the time, and if they were we wouldn’t recognise it when we see it. But nevertheless we feel the weight of constantly striving, so much that it can literally create physical tension in the body. 

A relaxed body is a relaxed mind, so here’s a suggestion you can try.

This week, set the intention to Drop the Rock. If you’ve been calling yourself names, picking up on mistakes and your mind is whirling with “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, pause. Take a breath. Unclench your jaw. Let your shoulders drop a little as you exhale. And then take another breath. And another. It doesn’t have to be deep breaths, just focus on your breathing for about 90 seconds and then continue with your day. Treat every breath as if it’s a fresh start to try again. You’re getting there, so be gentle on yourself every day.

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