Monday Mojo – Rise into Power

When was the last time you blew your own trumpet?

It’s definitely something we struggle with. 
We worry people will view this negatively.
We don’t want to appear big-headed.
So we shy away from sharing our accomplishments, and highlighting what we can do.

It highlights how important it is to feel confident in your right to stand up and be counted. 

According to one study, people are less likely to apply for a role if they feel they don’t meet 100% of the job description. (Some researchers say it’s more likely a lack of confidence in recruitment processes).   Either way, it seems to be a natural tendency to hold back.

But when someone brings as much as you do to the table, it’s important to let others know what you have to offer.

What needs to happen to help you fluff your feathers, and sing your own praises a bit more?

This week, set the intention to Rise into Power. Begin with recognising what you feel confident about, and who you feel confident with. Set some goals or write a list of things you’re proud of, or get someone to help you. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, who want to share your success and are genuinely delighted when they see you achieve your dreams; let people tell you why you’re amazing.   If that feels too big,  start with small things that boost your confidence  – look at  your posture – are you sitting with your head held high? It might be wearing your favourite colour or perfume.  And most of all keep going. 

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