Monday Mojo – Enrich Your Week

Do you ever feel like you’ve settled for something and wish you hadn’t?

When your tea is cold, but you drink it anyway
When the meal you’ve ordered takes ages to arrive
When you put up with being let down, over and again.

We keep the peace.
We plod on.
We push through.

It’s one of the reasons, I created the DREAMS model of goal-setting that I described in last week’s mojo, because SMART objectives don’t always quite cut it.

It’s why I talk about mental health and particularly self-care so passionately, because you can’t give people energy you don’t have, but feel wracked with guilt when you make time for yourself.  

And it’s because I know that you have the right to talk about how you feel and what you need – and have the right to reach for it.

This week, set the intention to Enrich Your Week. Think about what you might be putting up with, and see what positive action you can take. Is a ‘conversation of concern’ needed? Role play with a friend what you want to say. Do you need some time out for yourself? Write yourself a permission slip that starts with the words “Just for today I will…” Buy yourself some flowers. Sit with a cuppa for five minutes. Soak in the bath. Whatever you do, engage in one intentional act of self-care every day, and see how you feel by Friday.

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