Monday Mojo – Be Your Bliss

What does it actually mean to be happy?

We’ve literally been exploring the subject of happiness for thousands of years. Around 2500 years ago, the Buddha saw happiness as freedom from craving (e.g. it’s healthier to focus on being, rather than doing or having). A little while later, Zhuangzi introduced the idea of “going with the flow”. In more recent times, in the 17th Century, John Locke coined the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” (which made its way into the Declaration of Independence). 

In my classes, I often teach that happiness and joy are not the same thing.  A burst of joy can happen when you win £2 on a scratch card, or the person you fancy sends you a text. But it’s not what leads to long-lasting, sustainable mojo that can keep you nourished.

Happiness is more like inner peace. So that, even if something does go wrong, deep down you know you’re alright.

This week, set the intention to Find Your Bliss.  Take a few moments to think about when you feel in balance or what brings you back to centre – when are you at your most settled? Perhaps it’s having a brew first thing in the morning whilst the world is still quiet, or having your friends round and putting the world to rights.  Take some time to think about what restores, rejuvenates and nourishes you – and then make time to do more of it. 

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