Monday Mojo – Set Aside Time

What do you think about time? Apart from the fact that there never seems to be enough of it these days. 

Our relationship with time is something of a paradox. 
It’s precious, but costs nothing. 
You can spend it, but you can’t get a refund. 
You can use it, but you’ll never own it.
When we talk about making time, we know really we can’t create it; we get 24 hours in each day and not a minute more (no matter how much we try to squeeze out of it). And once it’s gone it’s gone. 

The invention of industrial time has conveniently split 24 hours into three slots of eight for work, rest and play. But our brains don’t work like that. They’re still working on light and dark, no matter what time you set your alarm in the morning.

It means we’re tired. Irritable. And every minute of the day is accounted for. And it might mean that none of your time is being spent on you.

This week set the intention to Set Aside Time. Grab your diary right now and block out at least five minutes every day for the next few days doing something exclusively for you as part of your new self-care routine. It could be watching a funny video, treating yourself to a bunch of flowers or relaxing in a warm bubble bath. And if you feel guilty for doing it, remind yourself that it’s in everyone’s  interest that you make yourself a priority. 

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