Monday Mojo – Know Your People

How many people do you trust?

As we get older, it’s often said that your circle gets smaller.
You start to realise who you can count on.
Who “gets” you.
Who you would turn to when things go a bit pear-shaped. 

But as we age, it’s also harder to make friends. At school we’d maybe just go up to someone and say “will you be my friend?”  As an adult that can feel a bit, well… awkward.  

As Vanessa Van Edwards says in the video below it’s socially acceptable to say “I’m looking for a partner” but not “I’m looking for a best friend”.   Even though social media makes it easier to stay in touch, you can still leave good friends behind if you move home or change jobs.

Not knowing how to make friends in the 21st century, and recognise those who could bring out the best in us, can leave us feeling isolated and alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This week, set the intention to Know Your People.  Write yourself a list of three people you can call and give them a “role”. Eg someone you can call when you need a cry, someone you can ring when you need a laugh, and someone when you just want to put the world to rights.  If this proves difficult, or your list is smaller than you’d like it to be, write a list of three values you’re looking for in a friend, or interests that you have eg photography, movies and reading that can help you find like-minded people. Then maybe go on websites like Meet Up and see if there are people local to you who share your wonderful vibe.

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