Monday Mojo – Recharge Yourself

How are your energy levels today?

Around this time of year, a lot of people find their batteries are running low. It usually means:
You’re smiling through the tears.
Gritting your teeth.
And the cup of care is nearly empty.

Things that normally wouldn’t bother you, might be really getting up your nose. You’re losing patience with people who don’t read their emails or text messages properly.  And if you have to repeat yourself one more time because people just don’t listen anymore, it’s okay.

When we’re tired, people can seem irritating. Queues seem longer.  And common sense feels like a think of the past.  And it’s on the days when we recognise that we’re weary, that it’s more important than ever to rest and replenish.

This week, set the intention to Recharge Yourself. Put some “you-time” in the diary, and make a plan to care for your mind and body.  Cook your favourite meal. Listen to your favourite songs. Get a massage. Whatever you do, make it your time to refresh yourself from the inside out.

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