Monday Mojo – Lift Your Life

What lifts you?

I posted on my Facebook page recently that I believe music is like time travel. A single song can transport you to a moment in your past, a good memory that brings back feelings of joy.  For some people what lifts them is doing a hobby they love, or spending time with people they care about.

Sometimes, though, there are those who let us down, and – being honest – it’s usually the people who really shouldn’t.  The ones we thought we could trust. The ones who are meant to be dependable. The ones that are meant to ‘get’ us.  It’s these people we need to recognise, so we know the impact they have. And equally to know the ones who bring out the best in us.  By keeping our circle positive, and knowing who we can rely on, we can allow ourselves to rise enough, to meet the life we want to live.

This week, set the intention to Lift Your Life. Spend time in the company of people who lift your spirits, or enjoy activities which put a sparkle in your eye. Join a group that shares like-minded views, listen to your go-to power songs, or just read a book that stirs a bit of fire in your belly.

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