Monday Mojo – Dress for the Party

Do you remember “Sunday Best”?

Those clothes we kept just for Sunday School. A relative’s china that stayed in the cupboard for “special days”.  That bottle of bubbly in preparation for the day we get some good news.

Many of of us are raised to keep things for when something important happens. But the thing is, something important happens for most of us every day. We wake up.

We often approach the day with good intentions. But do we fully appreciate the fact that we bring something special to the world just by being in it?  That life is the special occasion.

This week, set the intention to Dress for the Party. Grab your favourite dress, shoes or handbag and let it see the light of day.  Let your “Sunday best” reach its potential by showing your friends and colleagues there is something to celebrate –  being alive, in this amazing world of ours. Wear something fancy. Let your hair down.  And put on your dancing shoes.  

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