Monday Mojo – Allow What’s Stuck

How’s your mojo today? I’m asking because there’s still a lot of weirdness in the world right now. News reports saying that life is returning to normal, whilst every day we’re hearing more stories about things that are still going wrong. (It’s why I include things like “What went right this week‘ in my weeklyContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Allow What’s Stuck”

You’re awesome. (Yes, you)

Just in case you didn’t know, we’re sending out some sparkly hugs for you (yes, you) and feel good vibes for a supremely awesome day.  Because, well, you’re awesome.  Sign up to Sparkle and receive regular, personalised, positive mojo direct to your inbox, exclusive access to FREE resources in the members area and up toContinue reading “You’re awesome. (Yes, you)”