Monday Mojo – Bring in Mercy

What do you think about forgiveness?

I think the modern definition is somewhat over-rated, and I much prefer its original meaning.  Let me explain.

Today, people often associate forgiveness with letting people off the hook.
Accepting their excuses.
Pretending the hurt didn’t happen. 
People might say you “just need to forgive” like it’s as easy as turning off a light switch. (You and I both know emotions don’t work like that). Thankfully that’s not what forgiveness means at all.

If you look at the old English definition of forgiveness it means “to stop seeking revenge”. In other words to make a conscious decision to save your energy and release the need to punish.  If you can grow your tribe so that there’s no one in your circle who takes up that level of energy, life becomes a little easier. But how long have you been punishing yourself?

We all do it. Even little things like spilling your morning coffee or making an error at work can find you calling yourself all the names under the sun. How you treat yourself matters, and our self-talk can be a game changer.

Another word, mercy, is often misunderstood as defeat these days.  But the  definition of mercy means to show compassion or  forgive. What if it’s time to send some of that your way, in order to discover what this moment is asking of you?

This week, set the intention to Bring In Mercy. Give yourself at least a day when you show yourself a compassion that might have been missing for a while. If regrets have taken hold, consider that the decisions we make in each moment are always right at the time, even if later we’d have made a different choice.  Recognise the role perfection plays in your life and consider if it’s time to let good enough be enough. Go a little easier on yourself, and notice the language you use to describe yourself. And, if someone has been unkind to you, ask yourself what needs to happen for that door to finally close.

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