Monday Mojo – Go Gently

Monday Mojo™ – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Go Gently

Have you noticed the pressure lately to be ‘something’?

Whether it’s on a diet, never late, or all smiles, there’s always something we feel we have to ‘be’.

One thing in particular, is that society says we should ‘be’ on the go, and at 100mph.

And then it’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. It’s a time when mental health is very much on the national agenda, with many celebrities opening up about their experiences and struggles with stress, anxiety and depression. And that’s truly wonderful. The more people starting the conversation, the more ‘normal’ the discussion becomes. We know that talking is helpful. And I’m a big advocate of ALL of that. Mental Health, and talking about it, is my ‘thing’.

But the emphasis – and the assumption – is very much that you are ready to talk about how you feel. What if you’re not? Starting the conversation is one thing, but diving deep in to feelings and emotions can be scary, not least of all reveal a sense of vulnerability. And it shouldn’t be hurried. Of all the things I would encourage you to ‘be’, it’s kind to yourself.

This week, set the intention to Go Gently. Give yourself permission to be kind and gentle with yourself. Try to go a whole day without beating yourself up, and if you do, well don’t beat yourself up for that. Start each day slowly, and as it comes. And, if you want to talk, establish a support network you can reach out to when you need; talk to your doctor if things are getting heavy. But, more than anything cut yourself some slack. Remember you’re human. Practice self-care. And if you’re not ready to open up just yet, create a safe space around you where you can be comfortably you, whoever that is today. Do things you love. Make time for you. Be as you are.

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