Monday Mojo – Embrace the Infinite

What is getting your time and attention right now? It might be work. It might be a relationship. Or it might be a cause close to your heart. For some, it’s raising money for worthwhile charities. For others, it’s helping people in need.  But what if one of your worthwhile causes was you? By that,Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Embrace the Infinite”

Thought for the Day – Go gently

Go gently.  Sometimes the world can seem abrasive: too harsh, too noisy and too unkind.  Move gently with your thoughts, your words and your actions, always showing kindness to others, and most of all towards yourself.  Take small steps instead of strides when you need to, and move with serenity and compassion as much asContinue reading “Thought for the Day – Go gently”

Thought for the Day – Appreciate yourself 

Appreciate yourself.  You make a difference to the world, just by being in it. Recognise the contribution you make in your friendships, relationships, at work and at home. Remember how far you have come and the courage you have shown, to get where you are.  You are amazing. Every day.  Subscribe for regular, personalised andContinue reading “Thought for the Day – Appreciate yourself “