Monday Mojo – Turn the Wheel

How are you feeling? I’m asking because it’s a big day. Today, in the U.K. we take another step along the “road map” out of lockdown, which some might say feels like it has lasted forever. As many will be feeling excited, there will be those feeling more than a bit nervous.

I recently asked a group of people their biggest concern about lockdown ending. Half were worried it would happen again, whilst others were worried about “going back to ‘normal’ too soon”. There is space for both.

In the Pagan tradition (as there is in Buddhism), there is reference to the “Turning of the Wheel”, the idea that everything we experience is cyclic. Those of us born with a 28 (ish) day cycle understand this, because we pass through the seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring each month. In essence, we can view any life changing event the same way.

When a relationship is healthy, we feel vibrant and alive. When it ends we can see places of darkness that mark a painful part of the journey. But grief – as life itself – isn’t linear. It’s a process, not a single event. The “end” is not the end, more often a new beginning.

So what might help?

This week, maybe set the intention to Turn the Wheel. Just as each season is a passing phase, we can recognise that everything – whether a source of pleasure or pain – is temporary. Sometimes we can affect change, sometimes we can’t – the key then, is knowing what’s in our control.

Take some time to think about what your fears and frustrations are right now as well as what brings you joy. Be cautious yes, but don’t avoid making plans “just in case”. You can “prepare for the worst” in such a way that doesn’t hinder your progress. Do “check ins” with friends or family if it helps to see how far ahead you should go.

Remember that things – and people – rarely adapt overnight; each season has its timeline and change does too. Find ways to be patient, so that you’re not pushing yourself or others too hard; remember we’re all in this together. Change what you can. Untangle from what you can’t. And try not to withdraw, unless it’s to reset and recharge. Where flowers bloom, so does hope. We can prepare for the darkness because we know the sun will return. And even the moon takes its time to return to full.

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