Monday Mojo – Find Your Awe

How are you? It’s a genuine question.

I’m asking because if you’re nervously moving into 2021, that’s ok – we’re allowed to be cautious when life has been, well, anything but ok. Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s valid and it matters.

As more of us have moved into Tier 4 in the U.K. we probably didn’t have the New Year celebrations any of us wanted. Perhaps you’ve thought about New Year Resolutions, but equally decided to give it a miss this time; if you’ve lost a bit of mojo, you won’t be alone. But what if I said we can still find a bit of sparkle when we know where to look?

I’m talking about ‘awe’. Let me explain.

In his book Awestruck, Jonah Paquette explains: “awe, it appears, is the rare sort of experience that can truly transform our lives. By experiencing more awe in our daily lives we can become less stressed, healthier, happier and more connected to those around us.”

Whilst mindfulness is something we have to work at, awe is something that just happens. And we can build it in to our lives every day.

This week, maybe set the intention to Find Your Awe. Whether it’s listening to music that gives you goosebumps, watching a sunrise or sunset, or doing a bit of star gazing, put a note in your diary to do something that gives you that ‘wow-factor’ feeling. It doesn’t need to cost anything: it might be standing with trees on your next walk, Googling images of our planet, watching a nature programme, or looking up awe-inspiring facts on the internet. See if you can build in these ‘awe-some’ moments, that put a bit of sparkle in your step.

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