Monday Mojo – Create Some Stillness

On a scale of 1-10 (if 10 is firing on all cylinders, full of the joys of spring, and one is can’t get out of bed), where are you at right now?

I’m asking because we are often the last people to check on ourselves. When we are naturally Human Givers, we put others before ourselves.
We instinctively rise to the call of helping.
We make sure everyone else is ok.
We run on empty, if it means others can fill up.

When I ask people what stops them taking care of themselves they used to say it feels selfish, the idea of setting aside time out might seem self-indulgent. But more recently, with the year we’ve all had, even planning time out might feel like too much energy, especially when there’s literally no where to go. The idea of making space for self-care feels draining if it means doing more of something else. Sometimes we might want to just be.

So what can we do?

This week, maybe set the intention to Create Some Stillness. This article offers different suggestions which are focused on winter wellness, and a couple include simple things like sitting with a brew and making time for soul food. See if you can introduce some quiet and pause in to your day, with the things you do anyway. If you need to type an email or make a phone call, take a breath before you start (this is where Mindfulness may also help). If your meetings are back to back during the day, maybe shorten them by ten minutes, or create time in between that gives you more than just enough to grab a drink or go to the loo. When you next have a bath or shower, just stay there a moment longer to appreciate the warm water on your skin, or when you next go for a walk, stand beside nature for just a moment and take it all in.

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