Monday Mojo – Notice the Surge

Where are your energy levels at right now?

As we await further announcements about measures to tackle COVID-19, you might have noticed your energy has shifted. It may have seemed the equivalent of changing up a gear, or changing down.

When we are in a crisis, it’s a natural instinct that our energy goes up a notch. We brace ourselves for impact, and look at how best to protect those we care about. We go into busy mode: fighting fires and holding our breath. The problem is, we can’t do that for too long.

At the very beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, people showed an ‘urgent response’. Communities rallied, volunteers stepped forward, and as I mentioned in last week’s mojo, the kindness of the human spirit shone through; all of us expecting (or at least hoping), the crisis to be short lived. This is known as “surge capacity” – and, in effect, refers to our capacity to cope. It varies from person to person, but when it’s being tested in every moment, we have to take time to “rest and digest”.

Here’s something that might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Notice the Surge. If your body and mind was a mobile phone, you’d check it periodically to see how much charge it has left. First thing in the morning, is a perfect time to check in with yourself, and see where your energy is at. It’s also good to set a reminder throughout the day just to ask yourself the question: “what does my body need that I can give it right now?” It might be some deep breaths, a glass of water or simply a bite to eat.

Another way to measure, is as Oliver Luke Delorie describes in their book “Energy”, where they liken it to the tyre of a car. When it has the right pressure, “you cruise along without a care in the world” but when you’re feeling deflated, you might feel something’s out of balance. It helps then, to know where your energy is at, to help you navigate the day helpfully. (Mindfulness can help).

We might also have a tendency, especially when energy is low, to rely on stimulants like sugar or caffeine, when in fact these can create those mid afternoon energy slumps. Cut back if your intake is getting too heavy, but allow yourself a treat from time to time too. In the same way, and now more than ever, we need to make meals and sleep a priority. Give yourself time to process what’s happened during the day, so you can sleep more peacefully at night.

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