Monday Mojo – Have Wise Hope

It’s been quite the seven days since last week’s mojo hasn’t it? Whilst for many the focus was on the latest rules and restrictions, our attention was also brought towards our communities who – as always – were rallying together to provide help for those most in need. 

I’ve noticed this about humankind. When difficulty strikes, people rise. They come together in the face of adversity to put things right. We’ve seen this most evidently in 2020.

With the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum, and this time with more voices and allies than ever to help influence positive change. When politicians voted not to fund school meals during the holidays, Marcus Rashford used his timeline to share all the restaurants around the country who had told him families could get a free meal.

We’ve been reminded of the miracle that is the human spirit.

When things feel dark, light is just around the corner. We can’t always see the possibilities at first, but hope is never wasted.

In my workshops, I’ve always cautioned against expectation, by that I mean trying not to pin our hopes on a specific outcome. It’s one thing to say “in an ideal world I’d like this to happen, but I’ll be alright if it doesn’t”. It’s another to assert that in order to be ok it has to be a certain way. We can become rigid in our thinking, which can be painful and rarely helps.

In the same way, hope isn’t optimism. “Positive thinking” isn’t always helpful when it tries to deny us how we really feel. We’re allowed to hope for happiness, but we can change our minds about how that looks. 

‘Wise hope’ then, doesn’t mean denying the reality of how things are, it means being ready to face them. It’s when we realise we don’t know what will happen, “that this kind of hope comes alive; in that spaciousness of uncertainty is the very space we need to act”, explained in this article. It’s ok to hope for the future, as long as we don’t miss too much of today.

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Have Wise Hope. Start to think about your hopes and aspirations, what’s on hold and what you can take forward from today. Have you developed a fixed mindset about what things “should” be, or can you be flexible on the goal, to help you achieve the outcome you need? What is getting your time and attention, and does this align with your hopes and dreams? As your Mojo Moment video explains, sometimes it’s not about how we spend our time, but who we spend it with. Notice how you feel when you imagine the future you want – and hold on to that – whilst acknowledging your emotions when it doesn’t go quite right. Allow yourself to safely face the reality of what is (Mindfulness and counselling can help) whilst allowing yourself to visualise the happiness you so definitely deserve.

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