Christmas Mojo-Ho-Ho – Ease the Pressure

How are you doing?

It’s all a bit frantic out there isn’t it?

People doing last-minute shopping. 
Not being able to look at one more mince pie.
Asking yourself if it’s too early to take the decorations down yet.

Even if you’re not gripped by the festive season, you might still be feeling The Pressure. And by that, I mean the one to get it – life – all “just right”.
To have all your ducks in a row.
To smile in the face of adversity.
To give an award winning performance every day.
You’re not alone, and here’s a seasonal article to make the point.

Lots of people are feeling the weight of trying to be all things to all people, including the most brilliant version yourself all the time.

It’s why I encourage at this time of year, instead of thinking about those New Year resolutions, to focus on your energy instead – what I call your New Year Mojo. But first, there’s something else.

This week, set the intention to Ease the Pressure. Whatever is weighing heavy, see if you can pause for a moment, take a step back and lighten the load. Start to think about what really needs to get done, and see if there is anything you can delegate. Whether you have to work over the festive period or not, see how you can make it easier on yourself with some reasonable and healthy short cuts. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep, so that you feel more able to cope each day. Have a well-being plan in place which includes daily acts of restorative self-care, especially if you have to spend time with people you don’t like. (I’ve included a free gift of five minute guided meditation instructions below). And remember, neither this week – or you – have to be perfect.

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Delphi is a counsellor, speaker and author of Answers In The Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal, out now on Amazon and Hive © All rights reserved.

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