Monday Mojo – Know Your Zone

Where are you meant to be today?

I know you may be at work, or have a day off, or seeing to jobs at home – but I’m talking about the big picture.  The vision you have for where maybe you’d rather be. 

For a Monday, you might be:
Firing on all cylinders.
Full of feel-good mojo..
Living your best life.

When people feel that way, I’m genuinely full of joy for them, especially if they feel like that at the beginning of the week. 

But when we feel unfulfilled, incomplete or even lost, it can be because we are secretly or subconsciously fighting something under the surface. It can leave us feel out of place. On the outside looking in. Disconnected. 

This may be why:
Each of us has a zone we occupy, and for many it’s a Comfort Zone. We live, day in day out, forming habits, establishing routines and honestly our brain loves that – in fact it thrives on it.  Having a comfort zone is far from being a weakness – it provides a place of safety, when there’s uncertainty in the world. 

But it’s also one of the reasons we create habit loops if we never venture out of it. We continue endless circles of repeating unhelpful behaviours (in Buddhism this is known as samsara), because the brain literally gives it the green light.

The reason the brain does that? Because change is scary. Anything that creates fear in our minds, the brain is going to give it the big “thumbs down”. (I wish I could make the sound of the X on Family Fortunes here, but you catch my drift).

So we find ourselves doing what we’ve always done, and of course inevitably get what we’ve always got. 

This is one of the reasons Tom Senninger recommends that we try to occupy the Learning ( or “Stretch”) Zone, at least now and then.  It might be scary (especially if you stretch too far in to the Panic Zone – you won’t learn much there) but it’s important to recognise that fear isn’t always founded. Senninger gives people permission to acknowledge whats holding them back whilst gently considering the bigger picture. 

This week, set the intention to Know Your Zone. If you’re currently resisting change, take some time to think about why that might be. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in a situation or lost about where you’re meant to be. Maybe your thought patterns aren’t working for you right now, or you feel practical options are limited. Reach out to people who can help you brain storm or maybe create a plan for what you will do when you can. Take small steps towards your destination, without feeling as if you have to make big decisions or a massive leap of faith. Get curious, make discoveries, establish facts and identify opportunities for learning; maybe check out some college courses or classes that might tick a few boxes. See if you can do one small thing differently, every day this week. And most of all, remember it’s ok to get comfortable as long as it’s on your terms.

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