Monday Mojo – Celebrate the Win

Monday Mojo – Celebrate the Win

When was the last time you celebrated your own success?

We generally don’t, and probably because it feels a bit…weird.

To blow our own trumpet.

To sing our own praises.

To jump on the joy bandwagon.

Self-praise feels unnatural, so we shy away from it. We feel like we ‘shouldnt’ say what a jolly good job we did of something, for fear it’s received negatively.

But if we don’t, who will?

This week, set the intention to Celebrate the Win. Recognise your accomplishments, your achievements and your all round goodness by telling at least one person something you’re proud you did. Reward yourself with some loveliness, buy yourself a bunch of flowers or dance around your front room. And if all you feel you can do this week is get out of bed and wash your face, well that’s a win worth celebrating too.

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