Monday Mojo – Return to Sender

Monday Mojo – Return to Sender

Have you noticed how other people’s energy can affect you?

Those people, the ones where you spend five minutes in their company, and feel as if they’ve sucked the life right out of you.

I don’t mean the people who have just shared a problem – that’s often healthy.

I’m talking about a Doom Goblin.

You’ll tell them how happy you are and they’ll find a reason you shouldn’t be. You’ll say you’re excited, and they’ll tell you why it’s not good to get your hopes up. (Whoever just popped in to your head, that’s the person I’m talking about).

It’s important you don’t absorb other people’s vibes as your own.

This week, set the intention to Return to Sender. Grab your metaphorical Wonder Woman cuffs and deflect any negative energy coming your way. Be aware when you’re around those people who drain you, who tire you out or leave you feeling worse than when you walked in. If you have to spend time with them, wash off the vibe with a warm shower, or enjoy some time in your own company with your favourite music playing loud when they’ve gone.

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