Monday Mojo – Laugh a Little

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Laugh a Little

What makes you laugh? And how often do you do it?

According to this website, and research by Robert Provine, babies laugh around 300 times a day whereas adults laugh just 20 times a day. It’s not that as adults we are all doom and gloom, but nevertheless life can feel a LOT serious at times. 

Some positive psychologists say introducing laughter in to your daily routine – especially on the days you don’t feel like laughing – can help you find some moments of joy, even in the darkest time. Laughter also indirectly stimulates endorphins, the brain’s natural painkillers.

This week set the intention to laugh a little.  Watch an old TV favourite or a cat video, invite a friend round who is good for a laugh, or attend a comedy show. Find things that help you chuckle and share the laughter with your friends. 

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