Monday Mojo – Take a Minute

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Take a Minute

Slowing down is important, not just for our physical health but our emotional wellbeing too. It’s no coincidence that the theme of this week’s Monday Mojo is ‘Take a Minute’; that was the theme for yesterday’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Taking a minute for ourselves and others can literally change lives. We are all so busy, we forget our own needs in amongst the needs of others.

We rush meals. 

We hurry encounters with friends and family. 

We react, (usually negatively), to the things that bother us.
The irony is, the slower we are, the more productive we can be. 

Ideas develop. 

We get sparks of creativity. 

Our body appreciates it. 
This week, set the intention to Take a Minute. Stop what you’re doing right now. You might feel guilty, or talk yourself out of it. You might convince yourself that you’ll do it later. But if you can, right now, just stop. Just for 60 seconds. Take in the sights and sounds of where you are right now. Listen. See. Feel. Then, if anything comes up you feel you need to act upon, note it down and come back to it. Right now, for one minute, it’s okay to do nothing. 

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